San Gabriel Valley Addition


600 square foot addition to a single family residence in San Gabriel Valley. 2013


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In Progress – San Gabriel Valley Addition

Finished photos and full write up in 6 weeks or so.

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Google Reader and Pintrest

Well Google is getting rid of its RSS Reader, which I use to follow a bunch of architecture blogs. This is unfortunate because its perfect for going through image based blog posts. But also Google Reader is where I saved all the blog post I was interested in so that I could reference them later. So while I haven’t found an adequate replacement for reading, I starting using Pintrest to catalog interesting projects. I love the visual catalog and the community aspect allowing me to find things that don’t flow through my RSS reader.

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Rendering – Post Processing Breakdown

Quick post process break down of the main image for the Shell House.


Original rendering  from V-Ray for Rhino.

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800 Sq. Ft. – Shell House


Final drawings for my last school project a 800 sq. ft. house. Set upon a concrete pad the house responds to its unique condition by layering screens and plants to soften the harsh exterior environment. To extend the living space the Living room and Bed rooms were conceived as both interior and exterior spaces that can be opened to each-other. (click on images to enlarge)




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Last Studio Project

Quick preview of my final studio project, will post more drawings later.